Product Description

Mi Box Quad Core – Fully Loaded

This offers:

  • 2gb of RAM, Quad Core processor
  • Comparable in speed to fire tv box at much better price point
  • Quicker response than fire stick
  • Less buffering (having a larger RAM unit to “cache” from prevents stuttering and buffering when viewing videos) – especially good if your internet is a little slower.
  • Expandable storage availability.
  • Android version 6.0

Advantages of the Mi Box over the Amazon Fire TV Box

  • HDMI2.0a – a faster way to send video and audio output to your TV. With up to 18Gbps speeds, it significantly improves picture and sound quality, making Mi Box perfect for watching 4K Ultra HD and HDR video content
  • Google Chromecast – Go from small screen to big with a single tap. Mi Box has Google Cast built in which let you can stream shows, movies, music and more from your phone, tablet or laptop on your TV
  • Android version 6.0 (amazon fire tv / stick features android version 5.0)
  • Ability to expand storage easily
  • Much better price point – the Mi Box gives you the speed of the fire tv box, but for less $135 vs $165.

We have this box and love it!

Mi Box Quad Core - Fully Loaded - Jailbroken