We offer own own build that we create (most sellers use someone else) so we are much more familiar, technically, with the product.  We also make sure that our build doesn’t have too much bloat – meaning that we put the best, most popular, addons and skip all of the ones that don’t work well.  When someone uses a build created by someone else, they have no idea what is being added and if those addons all work.

We have dozens of features, premium add-ons, and apps that other sellers don’t offer because installation is time consuming. No other sellers offers as many features and upgrades as we do.

  • We also have years of experience with this software and provide excellent technical support if necessary via email, phone and text.
  • We consistently update our instructional guide to address any questions or problems customers have have, and provide step by step instructions on fixes.
  • If you have any issues with your fire stick, box or Mi box and need it reprogrammed in the future, we do that for a nominal fee.  Most resellers will ask you to purchase a new one at the full rate.