Do I need an amazon prime account?

No.  But you do need an amazon account if you purchased an Amazon fire stick or box.

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What is included in the purchase?

1 fully customized box 1 power cable 1 remote 1 factory user manual Mi box includes HDMI cable access to our documentation page

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Why hasn’t this software been shut down yet? Will it get shut down in the future?

Good question, obviously nothing is guaranteed but since 2002, this software has only grown every year. All of the content is streamed not downloaded, which changes the legal ramifications for the add-on developers. Also all of the content is housed on servers outside of the United States, so it's not subject to U.S. law.

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What makes our setup different from other sellers?

We offer own own build that we create (most sellers use someone else) so we are much more familiar, technically, with the product.  We also make sure that our build doesn't have too much bloat - meaning that we put the best, most popular, addons and skip all of the ones that don't work well. [...]

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Are PPV, Live Sports, NFL, NBA, MLB games, etc. available?

The way our devices are setup, you have access to essentially every live sporting event through the add-ons we have installed such as ProSports. Our instructional guide shows a list of add-ons we recommend for live sports. Some times you may need to search between a few links to find one that works best for you, [...]

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What do I need to use this?

You need internet with WiFi, a power source and a TV with an HDMI port.  Almost all newer TV's have at least one HDMI port now. If you have purchased a Fire Stick or Box you will need an Amazon account (it's free) If you have purchased we recommend adding a google/gmail account (it's free)

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How does this work?

All off the content is streamed via international servers, so there is no downloading, therefore the devices don't slow down. They work similar to Netflix or Hulu, everything is available on demand, and the content is extensive, almost anything you can think of is available. Essentially any Movie, any TV Show, Adult content, International content, Live [...]

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Where is the adult content?

We don't have an adult tab on purpose so children don't accidentally click on it by accident. If you click on the video tab, ALL add ons that have been installed are in that list, including the Adult add ons. Our instructional guide has the list of adult add-on, as well as directions to remove [...]

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