Pro Sport If you go into the PRO SPORTS application click on (MY SUBREDDITS) Once in (MY SUBREDDITS) chose (ADD NEW SUBREDDIT) Then type in the following for each sport: Type BOXINGStreams > press enter > Select BOXINGStreams streams will appear as and when available Type WWEStreams > press enter > Select WWEStreams streams will [...]

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Firestarter Not Working

Firestarter (the app you get into when you hit the home button) has stopped working on some people's fire sticks.   Amazon no longer wants this program to run, they want you to go to their "home page" instead.  Kodi still works just fine. To go into kodi without using firestarter, you will need to [...]

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Getting a “No Stream Available” Kodi error?

So you’ve sat down to watch a movie or a TV show, you turn on Kodi, go into your favorite add-on like Exodus, go to pick your show and the error comes up: “No Stream Available”. What does it mean? There is a large misconception about what this error means and we want to try [...]

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