Upgrading Kodi on a Mi Box

If your Mi box came with Kodi version 17.0 there is a new version 17.1 that just came out with some minor bug fixes. You will need a google account to do this.  If you don't have a google/gmail account, you can create one for free here. To upgrade Kodi on your Mi box do [...]

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NBA 2017

The add-ons I’ve been using to watch the NBA are within Sports Devil.  Go to Sports Devil-Live Sports-LiveTv.Ru or Rojadirecta.me. Both gave worked for me with LiveTV being the best.  You may find luck with other channels but this has been my experience. FYI: I’ve used these add-ons for live UFC as well.   One [...]

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Mi Box 101

Just got your Mi Box and aren't sure what to do?  We are here to help! Once you have plugged in the power and connected it to your TV with the included HDMI cord, the box will power on. Use the circle navigation button to go down to the area where you will see two [...]

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Why am I having trouble watching…..

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is sensitive to the type of WiFi router you can use. If you're finding video streaming buffering or stopping unexpectedly (this is especially true when you are LIVE streaming UFC, etc), the first thing to check is that your WiFi router is fast enough (assuming you have one of course). [...]

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Updating your Firestick: JARVIS

It seems that many sites are only supporting the newest active version of Kodi,  version 16.1 Jarvis.   The older version may cause an error message “No streams available” when you absolutely know streams exist.  It also may cause other hiccups when viewing.  We’ve seen it happening on Exodus Television, which could be a big issue, [...]

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Clear Cache – Daily

I spoke about clearing your cache in the past.   I've mentioned that it's the single most important step in maintaining your fire stick. If you ever have a firestick issue, of any nature, start by clearing the cache. I do it every day, before watching tv and sometimes 2x if I'm watching a lot of [...]

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NFL Update: Pro Sports

It's back and better than ever.   The Pro Sports channel is streaming high quality NFL. Just find the Pro Sports icon in your add-ons and find the fame you like.  I've found that the "watchnfl.live" stream has the best quality. PS: if you are having trouble with Pro Sports you may just need to update [...]

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UFC 203

UFC 203 I wanted to send out an email that may help you better enjoy the fight tonight (9/10/16) Throughout the MLB season and for the UFC my go to has always been Castaway using Dimsports. Well that changed dramatically one month ago. I've actually have had issues with ALL of Castaway. My suggestion for [...]

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2016 NFL: Nod to Sports Devil

It seems that with every sports season a different channel and streaming site is the "go to" option on Kodi.   The three sports channels that you should have are Castaway, Sports Devil and Pro Sports.  Last year, Pro Sports was the clear winner but "blew it" during baseball season.  Castaway did a great job during [...]

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1Channel Fix

If you are getting this splash screen when going into 1channel / primewire: Here is how to fix this: Go into Video and then one of the small sub tabs underneath it (above your shortcuts) says add ons, click it You will now get a page with all of your video add ons. Hover over [...]

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