UFC 203
I wanted to send out an email that may help you better enjoy the fight tonight (9/10/16)

Throughout the MLB season and for the UFC my go to has always been Castaway using Dimsports. Well that changed dramatically one month ago. I’ve actually have had issues with ALL of Castaway.

My suggestion for tonight is to use Sports Devil. The streams I’ve been most successful with have been RojaDirecta.me, Atdhenet.tv and LiveTV.ru.

Each site will have multiple links for the fight. As the UFC tries to protect their product, I approach each fight with caution. I do though feel that we should be good to go tonight.

If you want to get the fight on demand, let’s say the next day or so, use “All Wrestling”. If you have had a problem with All Wrestling an update has been recently sent. To manually update, click the top right button on your remote (that looks like three lines). Choose “Ad-on Information”. Then click on “update” and the top update. Be sure the “Auto Update” button is on for future updates.