It seems that with every sports season a different channel and streaming site is the “go to” option on Kodi.   The three sports channels that you should have are Castaway, Sports Devil and Pro Sports.  Last year, Pro Sports was the clear winner but “blew it” during baseball season.  Castaway did a great job during baseball season until recently, when Sports Devil became the best choice.

So here we are, Thursday night, starting a new season.  Where should you start?

Well, I started on Castaway where I typically begin.  Using Dimsports as my first option.  I struck out!  No good streams that worked. I then went to Batman Streams, which had been my second choice during baseball season.  I tried  five or six links with no luck.

Not wanting to waste my time in Castaway, I went to Sports Devil.  I started with the site that I’ve been recently watching UFC fights with great success,

I started to find one link after another, one with better quality than the last.  I was extremely happy.

The link under RojaDirecta that worked best were “Rivo TX”.  ( their were multiple Rivo TX links)

I also went to, Bundesliga and live which all had multiple good quality streams.

Good sites in the past like Dimsports and Firstrowsports didn’t work.  They actually made me leave Kodi to do a “force stop”, so I could cut the link.

Are these sites out for good?  Who knows, but they didn’t work for this first football Thursday and actually were quite annoying.

Pro Sports which was last years “best in show”, was a no show.  I got error message after error message.

These channels may change throughout the season but Sports Devil was the clear winner.  Staying away from Dim and Front row and start with the sites I mentioned.

If this changes at all, I will email those who are registered to

Good luck, have a great 2016 NFL season and happy streaming!