The first step you should take is “REGISTERING” on  Our website,  gives you help in every area of your Firestick.  It will also allow us to be “ PROACTIVE” and email you if new channels or better viewing option arise.

Next step…

Okay… you have your Firestick, what do I do next?

  1. First you need to link it to your TV HDMI port & plug it to electric.  (Seems simple but I need to say it)
  2. Amazon Account- Firestick will ask for an Amazon account.  If you have one already, just enter your email and password on the Firestick.  If you need an account, the BEST way to create one is online.  (SEE BELOW)  You can create an account on your Firestick but it will ask for a credit card.  An online account will NOT require a credit card.
  3. Network- You now need to find your internet network and enter the password.  (Now you’re linked to the Firestick)
  4. Amazon- You will now be on the front Amazon page.  The links and App options that you see are (PAY OPTIONS).
  5. Kodi- You need to launch the jail broken program on the Firestick, which is called Kodi.  Go to the bottom of the front page to SETTINGS.  Now right click to the selection called APPLICATION.  Now go to the very last option on Applications called MANAGE INSTALLED APPLICATIONS.  The next step is to find KODI, choose it and then click LAUNCH APPLICATION.  Once your launch KODI this way for the first few times, it should then appear of the front Amazon page under APPS.
  6. Kodi Channels- We configured KODI with the most popular and most used media channels on the planet. Once you’ve launched KODI, you’ll see a section on the front page called, VIDEOS.  There is also MUSIC but VIDEOS id probably the focus. Under VIDEOS, you will find our selected options that include (EXODUS-the best in TV & MOVIES, PHOENIX, 1CHANNEL and CASTAWAY-The best in sports.)  To use these channels we have written and videoed much information on our site, so again please sign up.
  7. Kodi Launch- after launching KODI through SETTINGS several times, the KODI icon should appear on your FRONT AMAZON page.  I know i’ve said this already but  you should definitely  look for it, under APPS.
  8. Have Fun!- You now have access to the TOP 5 channels we configured i\on KODI but the scope of media selections does not end there.  When on VIDEOS, you can use the down click button to choose, ADD ONS.  These channels are the next 50 or so best channels we can suggest.  Everything from International Sports to Howard Stern, to Documentaries, to Wrestling (UFC) replays, to Adult themed content.
  9. After you’ve looked through some of these channels, it still DOES NOT END there.  If you chose the GET MORE options which looks like a PUZZLE PIECE, you will find thousands of channels.  From news channels, to international movies, to more adult content, to show specific channels like; the GLEE CHANNEL.  You will never use all of the content on your FIRESTICK.  BELIEVE ME I’VE TRIED!😊


    Your Firestick needs very little maintenance but does require some.  The “STICK” has limited memory and needs  to have it’s data cleared every day or so. (dependent upon usage) A “CLEAR CACHE” is very much like launching your Firestick.  Go to the front Amazon page, find SETTINGS,  then APPLICATIONS,  go to MANAGE INSTALLED APPLICATIONS ,then find  KODI.  Once your on KODI, you FORCE STOP, CLEAR CACHE and then LAUNCH APPLICATION.    NEVER CLEAR DATA!  This will wipe our every channel in KODI.  If you accidentally hit the Clear Data button, no worries, the default is “NO” , so just back out or hit “NO”.   You really need to “go out of your way” to clear the data.   It reads: Do I want to clear my data?”, You obviously DO NOT.


    90% of ALL problems are  fixed by the above steps of “CLEAR CACHE”.  You will find that when your stick is slow, frozen, has no picture, no sound or is just acting wacky, when the “CACHE” needs to be cleared.

    9% of problems are related to your internet.  You can check the speed and connectivity of the internet by going to your front Amazon page, SETTINGS, SYSTEM & NETWORK.  At this point you will see your speed  and if your internet has any issues.  We always suggest a 5K ROUTER when using the Firestick. This allows for fast, non-buffering media.

    1% of problem are bad devices or remotes.  We’ve sold close to a thousand devices and have had a handful of issues.  So after every available option doesn’t work, you could be that very unlucky person to get a bad device.  Just call us and we’ll replace it.

    Miscellaneous Problems: relate to bad streams, bad links, bad channels.  Not every link works 100% of the time.  You need to find the link and channel that works best for you.  There are so many ways to get the same media, you can usually find something that works for you easily.  Sometimes you will find “NO Stream Available”.  This just means that that channel has no streams for particular show, episode or movie.   You will find “Placeholders” for episodes and movies, where future streams will be placed.  If this “empty” placeholder didn’t exist, the stream would have no eventual home.

    GO to
    ON the top page it will ask you to sign in.  Click on that option.
    If you aren’t  a customer, it will say “NEW CUSTOMER?”  CLICK ON “START HERE”
    It will bring up a page where it asks, your full name, email address & password (which needs to be 6 characters)
    Once you enter this information, you have now created an Amazon account.
    This account email & password will be used to enter into your Firestick when first starting.