Introducing the Mi Box – Jailbroken!

We are now offering the Mi Box Jailbroken.  This is an android box (the fire stick and fire tv box are both based on the android system) that is comparable as far as speed and capacity to the android tv box, but at a much better price point.  Plus, you have the ability to add [...]

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All-New Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player

Amazon just released a new fire tv stick that is not only faster it includes a voice remote. We have them and they are awesome! Here are some of the new features: The newer version features a Quad-core processor - previous versions had a Dual-core - what does this mean, FASTER! Voice remote included (note [...]

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UFC 203

UFC 203 I wanted to send out an email that may help you better enjoy the fight tonight (9/10/16) Throughout the MLB season and for the UFC my go to has always been Castaway using Dimsports. Well that changed dramatically one month ago. I've actually have had issues with ALL of Castaway. My suggestion for [...]

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Fire Stick 101

The first step you should take is “REGISTERING” on NERDCLICK.com.  Our website,  gives you help in every area of your Firestick.  It will also allow us to be “ PROACTIVE” and email you if new channels or better viewing option arise. Next step… Okay... you have your Firestick, what do I do next? First you [...]

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New Pro Sports Add-On is a MUST!

I’ve been using the new “Pro Sports” add-on for NBA over the past two weeks with GREAT SUCCESS!  It offers both SD and HD links for each game.  The quality is much better than anything that I’ve found on Sports Devil.  It’s streamlined format also gets you to each game and link quickly. Any new [...]

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Exodus: “Heaven” just a click away

From the creators of “Genesis”, the “Exodus” add-on could be the best new app.  It gives you many of the same functionality as Genesis, with much improved success.  The calendar to watch television is a great way to catch up new shows.  The links offered are much better and connect you to tv and movies [...]

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Should I Buy a New WiFi Router???

If you have checked your internet connection already and the connection is poor or keeps connecting and dropping off, your issue is probably your router. If you have an integrated router/modem with your cable company or your WiFi router is older, this could be your issue.  (read this if you don't know what a router vs [...]

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modem vs. router

The two major components in most home networks are a modem (cable or DSL) and a wireless router. The router is wired to the modem, and the modem is wired to the cable company's coaxial cable or the telephone company's DSL phone line. For Internet access via satellite, the router is wired to a satellite modem. [...]

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