I spoke about clearing your cache in the past.   I’ve mentioned that it’s the single most important step in maintaining your fire stick. If you ever have a firestick issue, of any nature, start by clearing the cache.

I do it every day, before watching tv and sometimes 2x if I’m watching a lot of sports.

DO NOT CLEAR THE DATA – doing so will require us to reinstall your add ons for $25

If you don’t know here how you do it.  Click on your home button (the button on the top/center row of remote.  It will take you to the Front Amazon home page.   On the left hand side scroll down to “Settings”.  Now scroll right to “Applications” and then to the bottom choice, “Manage Installed Applications”.   Now look for Kodi and choose it.

When on Kodi, click on “Force Stop” and then “Clear Cache”. Wait a ten or so seconds, then click on “Launch Application”.

This will “Clean Up” your stick, disconnect from any links you may still be connected to and delete excess data.

This will allow your stick optimize its effectiveness and efficiency.

PS: if you use other applications, besides Kodi , you should clear the cache in those apps as well.  To do so, just use the same procedures as above but choose those other apps instead of Kodi.

The firestick has very little space, so the cache will cause some significant issues.