Updating your Firestick: JARVIS

It seems that many sites are only supporting the newest active version of Kodi,  version 16.1 Jarvis.   The older version may cause an error message “No streams available” when you absolutely know streams exist.  It also may cause other hiccups when viewing.  We’ve seen it happening on Exodus Television, which could be a big issue, [...]

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Clear Cache – Daily

I spoke about clearing your cache in the past.   I've mentioned that it's the single most important step in maintaining your fire stick. If you ever have a firestick issue, of any nature, start by clearing the cache. I do it every day, before watching tv and sometimes 2x if I'm watching a lot of [...]

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How To Clear Cache and Reboot

Occasionally Kodi will get slow or freeze (like any other computer related device, this can happen). The best way to deal with this is to clear your cache. Click your home button. Once there one of your options is Fire TV Settings. Click that and go to Applications Then Manage installed applications Then pick Kodi [...]

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Fix 90% Of Amazon Firestick Kodi Problems

Is your device is running slow, no sound, no picture, device frozen or acting funky in any way? Then you need to follow these easy steps: KODI Force Stop Clear Cache Launch Application Unless you have a bad stream (which can happen) or your internet is down or not working well, the “FORCE STOP” is [...]

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Clicking the home button doesn’t bring you to the fire starter menu

When you click the home button you want to see this:   But you are seeing the Amazon home page instead. This can happen if fire starter crashes.   There is an easy fix. In the Amazon area, scroll down to settings, then go to Applications, then Manage Installed Applications, then Fire Starter. Then do the [...]

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Kodi Frozen or Slow?

Kodi Frozen or Slow? Streaming is Slow If, out of the box, you find streaming anything is very slow, it is either your internet connection (i.e. Time Warner) or your Wi-Fi.  If your Wi-Fi router is very old (more than 5+ years), this is probably the case.  I strongly suggest getting a new router that [...]

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