Kodi Frozen or Slow?

Streaming is Slow

If, out of the box, you find streaming anything is very slow, it is either your internet connection (i.e. Time Warner) or your Wi-Fi.  If your Wi-Fi router is very old (more than 5+ years), this is probably the case.  I strongly suggest getting a new router that supports dual band.  A dual band wireless router features both a 2.4 GHz band and a 5.0 GHz band, allowing for connections on both bands, and providing higher speeds in general. Dual band routers are important for those who are certain that multiple users will need to be connected to the internet at one time.   Your fire stick should be configured to connect to the 5.0 GHz band on this router.    If your router is not the issue, the Wi-Fi router’s location can be.  If you have an older house with plaster walls and the router is far away, the signal degrades from the router’s location to wherever you have the fire stick located.   What can you do in this instance?   I suggest a Wi-Fi signal booster.

Getting Error Messages

If your device is experiencing a lot of error messages such as “one or more items failed to play”

  • These error messages simply mean that either the add-on is down for repair/update Or that specific link is not working and you need to try a different link. This is a standard error message, it DOES NOT mean that something is wrong with the device so please don’t be concerned.
  • If this error comes up for every single link you click on, then either the add-on is down for repair, or your device is not getting a strong wifi signal. Even if you pay for 100 mbps per month, that does not mean that that is your internet speed,  since Internet speed can vary from room to room in your home because your wifi signal gets weaker as you move away from your router.
  • First test your internet speed in the room where you are using the device.  Click here to do this.
    • You want your speed to be above 10 mbps download, anything less than 5mbps usually has a lot of buffering issues.


  • Next try moving the unit to a room that is open and closer to the router, such as the living room.


  • Regardless of what problem your unit is experiencing, please clear your cache (see below), is worth performing because it can only help, there’s no downside

Occasionally Frozen or Slow

Occasionally Kodi will get slow or freeze (like any other computer related device, this can happen).    The best way to deal with this is to clear your cache.   

Click your home button.  Once there one of your options is Fire TV Settings.  Click that and go to Applications


Then Manage installed applications


Then pick Kodi


For each of the next steps, wait approximately 30 seconds between each step.
Force stop Kodi


Then clear the cache.

DO NOT CLEAR THE DATA – This will erase all of your add ons.   $25 (plus shipping both ways) fee to reinstall them.


You will now have to re launch Kodi