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How to watch Movies & TV

To watch TV or Movies  you can use a variety of apps, I suggest using either 1Channel or Genesis.

To get to these apps, click your home button, then pick Kodi.

Once you are in Kodi, you will see a few tabs, Pictures, Videos, Music, Programs, System


Navigate through the tabs to the videos tab where you’ll see I have set up all my favorite addons as shortcuts directly below the word, “Videos”.  As you can see I have the 1Channel addon set as a shortcut.  It has the blue and white icon on the bottom left of the image that says 1Channel underneath and Primewire inside.
After selecting 1Channel from my video addons I will now be brought to a menu that gives me the option of looking for a TV show or Movie to watch.  In this case I am showing you how to watch a movie in 1Channel so I’ll select the “Movies” icon from the menu.

After selecting the Movies directory from the home-screen of the 1Channel  Kodi addon you’ll be brought to the movies menu with a number of options for finding and choosing which movie to watch.  As you can see from the image below there are all sorts of ways to browse through the movies to make locating what you want easier.  In this case I am going to choose to view the most popular movies by selecting, “Most Popular” from the menu.

Now I am in the Most Popular movies on 1Channel directory which contains a list in DVD cover view which shows all the movies from this category with easy to see movie posters and fanart.  Now that I can see which movies I will choose from I’ll select the first one to watch.  I want to start the movie Ted so I select it from the menu and in this case use my keyboard’s Enter button to choose.  Kodi works with so many devices that you may be using a remote controller, keyboard, or phone to control Kodi.

Now I’m ready to watch.  The last screen prompts me to choose which source to use to watch the movie.  Much like the 1Channel website and all other free TV and movie websites once you have decided what to watch you now have to simply choose which online source to watch it from.  Sources are different websites which host the actual file.  In most  Kodi addons you’ll be required to choose the source you prefer to stream from.  From my experience picking the best source depends mostly on where you are geographically.  For example in one city I’ll find that one source works great but others lag whereas in another city the best source may change and one of the originally lagging sources works best from that location.  People often ask me which source I prefer and I can only answer by saying “It’s different for everyone”.  The only tip I can give is when you find a source that time and time again proves to be fast and reliable then stick with it.  For example for me I like using BillionUploads.  Whenever I stream TV shows or movies choosing BillionUploads the movie starts fast and doesn’t fail or abort in the middle of the movie so when I am prompted to choose a source I always first look for BillionUploads.  The best sources can change fast so I find it’s best to know a few great ones and try to stick to using them but honestly it really doesn’t matter which source you choose once it plays so just pick one and start watching.

I hope I covered all the bases when trying to explain how to start a free movie in 1Channel for Kodi.  Enjoy your movie once you decide what to watch for yourself.  If you have any issues getting this to work for you then feel free to comment with your problem.  Getting everyone who wants to be able to use 1Channel going it can sometimes prove to be a bit difficult especially for new users.  I find people who are new to Kodi have a little difficulty getting movies or TV shows to start the first time but after they get it once they understand exactly what to do.  It’s not that hard at all so I urge you to at least give it a shot.  Good luck and enjoy.

1Channel – TV Shows

To watch TV shows on 1Channel, click on 1Channel, then TV Shows.  Once there you can search for the show you want to watch, or look at Featured Shows or Most Popular.  

Searching for a show.  I find using the regular “Search” the best.   A pop up keyboard will come up, put in the name of the show and click done.  It will pull up any show that contains the name you put in.   Hover over the show that you want and you can either just watch if from here or to put it into your favorites, click the button with the three bars (Menu button) and select add to favorites.


I have found the Genesis add-on to be very reliable at getting just about anything can I think of.  Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t come across bad links (as you would in almost any Kodi video streaming add-on), but I have minimal bad links with Genesis and have yet to find a show that I can’t watch using Genesis.

The screenshots below demonstrate how to watch TV shows on Genesis, but the process to watch movies is similar.

Go into Genesis from the Videos tab


Once there pick TV Shows


Here I am picking Most Popular, but you can do searches to find the programs you like.


Here are the most popular. I am going to pick Big Bang Theory


Note that there are several seasons and episodes to choose from


I chose an episode from the first seasongenesis5

Now pick a streaming service to use.  If the ones that end in HQ (High Quality) are not playing well, scroll down until you see one with MQ (Medium Quality)