I was a huge PRO SPORTS fan for the past NBA season.  Well, that ended quickly this year, because very blunty, PRO SPORTS “DOES NOT WORK”.  I was told abut Castaway and have been adding it with on our customers FIrestick.  CASTAWAY is “THE BEST” at MLB, UFC and many other sporting events.

Tonight was UFC 198 (a $60 event if U paid)  and the last 2 events have been choppy at best on SPORTSDEVIL and PRO SPORTS.  CASTAWAY was  “FLAWLESS”, it didn’t buffer at all and the picture was excellent.  I used DUMSPORTS but other friends used several others sports channels on CASTAWAY.   The best part about this story is that I used the first link I chose, link 4 on DIMSPORTS and didn’t even have to go elsewhere.  It didn’t pause, buffer or stop, it just played the entire ($60) fight for FREE.

Our family is both a METS& YANKEE house.   We use CASTAWAY (DIMSPORTS) for those games as well.  Never had any issue in finding a game or an issue with quality.

The future may change and PRO SPORTS may make a huge comeback for Football season but for now CASTAWAY is the clear sports choice.

If you don’t have CASTWAY please contact me to update your Firestick.  (1st time is free/Every other time is only $25)

Thanks and happy watching!