Fire Stick 101

The first step you should take is “REGISTERING” on NERDCLICK.com.  Our website,  gives you help in every area of your Firestick.  It will also allow us to be “ PROACTIVE” and email you if new channels or better viewing option arise. Next step… Okay... you have your Firestick, what do I do next? First you [...]

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1Channel Fix

If you are getting this splash screen when going into 1channel / primewire: Here is how to fix this: Go into Video and then one of the small sub tabs underneath it (above your shortcuts) says add ons, click it You will now get a page with all of your video add ons. Hover over [...]

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CASTAWAY Best in Sports – May 2016

I was a huge PRO SPORTS fan for the past NBA season.  Well, that ended quickly this year, because very blunty, PRO SPORTS “DOES NOT WORK”.  I was told abut Castaway and have been adding it with on our customers FIrestick.  CASTAWAY is “THE BEST” at MLB, UFC and many other sporting events. Tonight was [...]

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Fix 90% Of Amazon Firestick Kodi Problems

Is your device is running slow, no sound, no picture, device frozen or acting funky in any way? Then you need to follow these easy steps: KODI Force Stop Clear Cache Launch Application Unless you have a bad stream (which can happen) or your internet is down or not working well, the “FORCE STOP” is [...]

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