Please do not download movies/tv from any of the streaming sources.  The fire stick does not have the capacity to handle this, it is really meant as just a streaming service.

If you did download moves/tv and are now getting that your stick is out of storage, you will need to delete your files as follows:

Step 1: Navigate to the “Settings” tab under the “SYSTEM” menu heading.


Step 2: Select the “Appearance” tab from the left side menu bar.


Step 3: Choose the “File lists” option from the vertical side menu.


Step 4: Toggle “On” the “Allow file renaming and deletion” setting.


Step 5: Return to the Main Menu, and then Videos and then Navigate Genesis and launch it


Step 6: Select the “My Genesis” menu within the add-on.


Step 7: Choose the “Downloads” category at this point.


Step 8: Select the type of content you wish to find, we’ve gone with “TV” for this example.


Step 9: Choose the title of what you’re looking to find.


Step 10: You might have to select the season of the television show at this point, this step won’t exist if it’s a movie you’re looking to find.


Step 11: Highlight the file name of the title you wish to delete, don’t click it though.


Step 12: Toggle the “Context menu” by either right-clicking on the title, or by double tapping if you’re on a tablet, or by holding the select or option button on a remote control.


Step 13: Click on the “Delete” function at this point.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 10.54.35 PM

Step 14: Click on the “Yes” button to confirm the file deletion when prompted.


Step 15: That’s it, it’s gone for good.