How do I watch sports?

sports-addons-SportsDevilSports Devil gives you “live sports.  You can get every sports package available. The NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL & College sports. You’re a soccer fan?  No problem, Sports Devil offers many soccer matches across the country.

Have you ever paid big money for a UFC or boxing event?  You can find these events here as well.

The rule of thumb is this….if it’s televised “anywhere” in the world, you can find it on Sports Devil.

How does it work?

Simply click on the Sports Devil icon.

You will see  6 different options on the page.  You can view highlights here and even get lie “non-sports” television.  The link you want though is “Live Sports”.

Once you choose “Live Sports” a list of many sports channels will appear.   You can play around with the options and find that their “many” ways to get the same game.  This means that if one site has a bad picture or doesn’t work, you chose go to many others.

(I like “First Row Sports”, which gives me the sports I’m interested in.)

Once you choose the channel you want, it will list the available sports.

You now choose the sport you want.

(Remember if there is no scheduled games for that day, it will not have any choices.)

Now you see the games available for that day and the times each event will start.

If an event is “live” then choose the event.

Now you will see several different links to get the same event.  The number of links will be dependent upon the popularity of that event.

(A live UFC event or nationally televised NFL game will have 10 links, while a D-League NBA game may have 3.   Each link will have different quality and definition.  You can choose the one that suit you best.)

Watching Multiple Games: A TIP

On any given day you may want to watch “multiple games”.  If you search for the “best link”, it will highlight that link when you go back.  For example, you want to watch the NY Giants vs  the Dallas Cowboys.  This is the game you have most interest in watching.  It’s halftime,  you go to a different game.  When you go back to the NY vs Dallas game, the link you went to “last” will be highlighted.  So this way, so won’t have to search for that “best link” again.


If you like the UFC like me, you are used to spending $60 per PPV and $10 per event on the Fight Pass.  All of these fight are on Sports Devil for no cost.  You can choose links from around the world, which gives you these fights in different languages.  It also gives you the option to view each fighting corner between rounds.  This was a difference that I realized immediately with the Sports Devil option.  It also includes all of the pre-fight and post-fight commentary that you now enjoy.